At UNITED CAPS, we take honesty and trust very seriously. We encourage you to report any contraventions of the UNITED CAPS code of conduct and key values using the facility provided below.

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UNITED CAPS is a global company with a powerful reputation for the excellence of our products and services. We have built that reputation on a strong foundation of integrity and fair dealing in every aspect of our business.

In this increasingly complex, competitive and dynamic world, protecting our reputation is a key pillar to maintain the confidence and trust of our many stakeholders.

Sustaining that reputation is a key responsibility that we all share. Quite simply, we must all ensure that we always do the right thing. Our values and codes of conduct are in place to help meet those responsibilities ─ wherever you work and whatever work you do for or with UNITED CAPS.

To support individuals to uphold the laws in the countries in which we operate, we operate United Voices to share our values and code. United Voices feature anonymous whistleblowing functionality for those times when there is concern that the standards expected are not being met.

If you see something, you should say something, if you report a violation of our values in good faith you will be protected from retaliation even if no violation is found to have occurred. However, any employee who knowingly submits a report that is untrue may be subject to disciplinary action.

We recognise your unique contribution in ensuring UNITED CAPS's reputation and thank you for your continued action and support.

Our Key Values


The outside world needs to have confidence in UNITED CAPS and should be enthusiastic about its actions and projects. Therefore it is necessary to respect and obey the laws, rules and regulations in the countries in which UNITED CAPS operates. It includes Human rights Laws (labor legislation, exclusion of child/forced labor, non‐discrimination…), EU legislations and any local laws where UNITED CAPS have production facilities. This requires also to follow the spirit of the law. Ignorance of the law will not be an excuse, so employees have to make inquiries before acting if they are unsure. They will always be considered responsible for their actions.
Also here we try always to exceed the expectations.


Confidence between people is of special interest in the relationship with suppliers. Therefore UNITED CAPS’ ethics rules apply to the relations with its suppliers.

UNITED CAPS develop relations with its suppliers based on mutual trust and respect. We respect our contractual engagements.

The choice of its suppliers is based on objective criteria (price, usefulness, value and reputation).

Each supplier should be treated fairly when asked for quotations (including access to the same level of information).

An employee may in no case carry out compromising or corrupt actions. In this spirit, he will not request nor accept (neither for himself, his spouse or family members) any payment, specific benefit, gift or invitation that will place him in a position to owe the supplier something in return.

Only small gifts of a symbolic value which may be interpreted as a mere expression of courtesy are accepted (below 10 € of estimated value).

When sharing confidential information with the supplier, UNITED CAPS raises mutual confidentiality agreements that protect both parties.

Confidence requires clarity. Therefore, employees should not have business interests that conflict with those of UNITED CAPS. If unintentionally a company for which an employee has personal interests is used by UNITED CAPS (supplier, customer, competitor, consultant…), the employee should report it to their management.

Employees act honestly and without hiding things to its management and colleagues.


Respect is an essential element as UNITED CAPS promotes confidence in the organization. Every employee should be treated fairly at work. UNITED CAPS does not accept discrimination or harassment of any kind (age, race, sex, religion…)

UNITED CAPS expects employees to treat each other and those with whom they have business dealings with courtesy, respect and honesty.

UNITED CAPS expects employees to treat each other and those with whom they have business dealings with courtesy, respect and honesty.

Sometimes, UNITED CAPS holds personal information about employees. This is necessary to support important actions such as payroll or in an emergency. All data is held confidentially and supported by secure systems to ensure that it will not be disclosed inappropriately.